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The Nation That Got Rid Of All Evil Overnight
An ode to demonetisation
Chindu Sreedharan comment 0 Comments access_time 1 min read

And I travelled 4,000 miles, over land and sea and river and forest to the land of my birth, the land blessed by the Virile Yogi, the brahmachari, the karmachari, the land of faith and tolerance and non-violence, the land of the Right, the land of animal rights, the land at peace with diversity, the land unified, the land modified, the only land Modified, and in this holy land that rid all its black in one masterful stroke one night, in this land awash by the anthem of awakened nationhood seeping from cinema halls, I held in trembling fingers a sliver of enlightenment, this strip of sovereignty, oh yes, I held Change, and I held it with bursting pride and brimming eyes, and I held it tight, I held it tight, tight, tight in my trembling fingers, for there is no more cash in cash machines, no more cash in banks, only cursing crowds and snaking queues and shuttered ATMs, only a country full of little people with less means and more worries, and I fucking needed this brand new note of 2,000 for my cab fare home, so I held it tight in trembling fingers.

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