Accidental Academic

Confessions Of An Agitated Change-Maker

In which the author tries to make a difference

One tragedy of being an academic, besides eventually succumbing to the corruption of one’s discourse with articulations such as one’s discourse, is that one is doomed to a life of perpetual panic.

Indian In England

The story of this blog

I am an Indian living in England — a former journalist, now an academic.

Don’t splutter. Just say

On the beauty of a simple speech tag

There is this four-letter word in English that many of us are severely allergic to — and no, this one doesn’t start with ‘F’.

By Barry’s Beard!

Honestly, how difficult is it to grasp the apostrophe?

In my many years of marking student journalism, nothing has given me more pain than the apostrophe: my teeth are all gnashed-out now, and I think I am in need of an urgent hair transplant.

The Strange Things Students Say At The Start Of A Term

Conversations eavesdropped at an English university

The most interesting part of an academic year is the first couple of weeks. I love the buzz it brings.

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