On Soap, Books, And Hitler

In Mevagissey, a few miles south of St Austell

Did you know Mevagissey did its fair share in making the world a cleaner place? It was this village that gave us Pears, the transparent bar of freshness that has lathered our parents for generations.

How Cornwall Contributed To Criminology 

On Polperro and dactylography, the study of fingerprints. 

Those who know of Polperro know of it as an exceptionally pretty fishing village on the Cornish coast. That it is. But there is more to it.

Duncan's Cows

It is always interesting to read the comments visitors leave at tourist destinations.

It is always interesting to read the comments visitors leave at tourist destinations. They offer a window into the soul of the place, I believe—well, at least into the souls of those who visit. The visitor’s book at Black Head, an unmanned concrete structure the National Trust has built on a cliff-edge not too far […]

In Search Of Jesus

And did those feet in ancient time, walk upon England’s mountains green?

Thinking of Jesus, I climbed into the ferry at Fowey Town Quay, paid £2.50 to the captain, and set sail for the distant shores of Polruan which loomed out of green waters some 365 metres away.

Like Switching To Tesla From A Renault

On the pleasures of intermittent fasting on a plant-based diet (while hiking) 

If you are a 72-kilo man hiking 14 or so miles a day with a daypack, you need at least 3,600 calories in your system. How do you get that in if you are also on a 20-hour fast?

Peter and Jesus

Peter found Jesus in a nightclub in King's Cross

Jesus is retired now. But for his fans, when the time is right, he is willing to return.

Where All Views Are Stunning And Everyone Knows How To Make Good Pasta

Positano, on the Amalfi coast in Italy, is insanely Instagrammable

Positano is a town best enjoyed with a thick wad of cash, a healthy pair of lungs, and excellent knees.

By The Sea, On A Winter’s Morning 

If you were to describe the sea, what would you say?

How do you capture the sea? How do you capture her sight, her sounds, her smells with words, in mere strings of alphabets?

Along Red Cliffs Bitten Away By Landfalls 

It is touted as a Walk through Time — for a good reason

So I walked on, the sun in my eyes and the sea on my side, along red cliffs bitten away by landfalls old and new. In places the path veered very close to the edge and you could see cracks in the dry earth.

A Short History Of Rambling In England

The story begins in 1935, when two American women wrote to an English journalist named Tom Stephenson

I know no easy way to break this news gently to my English friends, so I am going to come out and just say it: you are more indebted to the Americans than you are aware of.

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