The Champion

Profile of juvenile and junior ballroom competitor Glenn Richard Boyce

This piece was first published in Dance Today in September 2013 with the title ‘Boyce Wonder’. Since then, Glenn has won several other major competitions and has a total of 26 world titles (and counting) to his credit at the time of this post.

The Return Of The Natives

In conversation with ballroom professional Edita Daniute

Almost a year after they split, Mirko Gozzoli and Edita Daniute, one of the most exciting ballroom couples in the world, returned to competitive dancing at Bassano del Grappa in Italy.

Message From Mars

If you are from Venus and have trouble with your Martian, read this. Communication issues in Dancesport

The extreme interdependency dancesport demands of a partnership — after marriage, it is the highest form of contact sport, I dare say — requires an exceptionally sensitive communicative chemistry.

Just A Few Seconds More

Inside a ballroom competitor's body. A look at what dancers put themselves through in elite competitions

It begins before. Before you hear the first bar of music, before you you even step on to the floor.

Thou Shalt

How to pick up men for salsa (tips for women)

Did you know in Indianapolis there are more men dancing than women? Thank goodness things are a bit different in England — and may it remain that way forever.

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