An Indian’s Incredible Journey Into The English Psyche

Or how I took up hiking

Walking is the second favourite pastime in England (the first is queuing, of course). Only here have I seen people go trudging across muddy fields on the most miserable day and coming back exclaiming, “Ooh! That was lovely!” It is astonishing.

The Crazy Good Christian of Cornwall

A hut. Shipwrecked sailors. An eccentric priest

England is full of good-natured nutters who do amazing things for their community in their own quirky ways. I got to know one such by the name of Robert Stephen Hawker when I walked into Cornwall from Devon.

The Village That Ends With An Exclamation

In the footsteps of Kingsley and Kipling

Who wouldn’t want to live in a place that ends with an exclamation mark?

The Village That Died For England

Tyneham in England is history frozen in time

I went to Tyneham because of its history. I wanted to see a village ‘frozen in time’ with my own eyes.

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