Like Tom In Top Gun With A Hint Of Clint

They wear dark shades even at midnight. They chew gum furiously. They swagger.

Anyone who has ever passed through an airport anywhere in the world has witnessed the swagger of the pilots and the sashay of the stewardesses.

The Death Of A Father

A body starched in white, one future urn

Wet with the bucket of cold water he half-willingly poured on himself, he stands by the body of his father, palms together, naked to the waist, head bowed to the prayers of the priest with a piety he does not feel.

Why I Love Small Airports

Small airports are refreshingly cosy

I believe they are wonderful creations of God, made solely for the purpose of teaching big airports a thing or two about how airports are meant to be.

Strangers, Together, For New Year 

In which the paths of 21 people cross at a wayside restaurant on the very first day of 2017

There were 20 of them at the Little Chef for New Year’s lunch. Outside, it poured. Inside, under the electric mist that hung from red lampshades, it was warm, the red tabletops smooth and shining.

Like Actually 

Sometimes we speak a lot many words but it’s not the words that speak our meaning.

The girl was cute, the guy, not. They sat by the door, at a table for two, and talked non-stop.

The Nation That Got Rid Of All Evil Overnight

An ode to demonetisation

And I travelled 4,000 miles, over land and sea and river and forest to the land of my birth, the land blessed by the Virile Yogi, the brahmachari, the karmachari.

The Easy Truth About English

Why do the English think English is difficult?

Tthe air hostess has severe doubts about a shalwar-clad young mother’s capability to comprehend the language. So much, in fact, that she asks, not once, not twice, but three times the question, “Do you speak English?”

The Mindless Agility Of Ill-Controlled Tongues  

What makes us swallow buzzwords whole?

There are all sorts of expressions the clever and the wannabe clever amongst us chuck at the world — sometimes to clarify, sometimes to obfuscate, and sometimes to come across as clarifying while actually obfuscating.

The Village That Died For England

Tyneham in England is history frozen in time

I went to Tyneham because of its history. I wanted to see a village ‘frozen in time’ with my own eyes.

Two Women, Hollandaise Sauce, And Me

This is about breakfast on the beach — nothing else

I was having breakfast with two young women I didn’t know and a dog who was trying to know me intimately.

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